About Rideoo

For many years, few enthusiasts have been helping people to choose the best options among scooters, boards bikes, and other items for outdoor activities. Each year they visited the biggest European outdoor exhibitions, participated in the outdoor events, developed new products with closest partners and just got enormous satisfaction of being in the middle of events. That was us.

We love and believe in sport, ecology and convenient personal transport. We also believe that this list could be combined in to one product. We eventually came to understand that we weren't doing enough, we wanted to give more. That is why we created Rideoo.

Rideoo is the place where anyone, no matter who, will find the perfect micromobility product exactly for their needs.

We deliver the best products from worldwide brands and introduce some brand new, lesser known brands. We promise to bring you, our customer, the newest and trendiest models from all around the micromobility world.

We deliver a customer service experience like no other: provide service, help with guarantee issues and advise in making tough choices between great options.

We truly believe that people all over the world should have a place like Rideoo.

Our store is located in Riga (Latvia), the heart of Baltics, and gathers best practices and knowledge from 13 years of experience. Here are some photos to share with you:

The photo of receprion in Rideoo store Photo shows the extreme section in the Rideoo shop, photo number 1. The photo of trick section in Rideoo Store, photo number 2 The photo of city section in Rideoo Store The photo of boards and electro scooter section The photo of inline slides in Rideoo Store The photo of trick scooter parts and accessories in Rideoo Store
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