To help you figure out how to choose a stunt scooter for a beginner, first we’ll look at the fundamental difference between a regular city and stunt scooters.

City scooters are designed to ride in convenience and comfort

Therefore, in most cases, they come with an adjustable steering wheel,they can be folded, have large wheels for a comfortable ride on the streets, and may also have additional accessories: a bell, a flashlight, etc. Durability and manufacturing materials are of course important, but not critical.

The goal of stunt scooters is to allow the skater to perform complex stunts in the park or on the streets.

Image shows a man seating near to trick scooter
Thus, the most important characteristics are the weight and strength of the scooter. To make the construction as stable as possible:
  1. The height of the steering wheel is not adjustable
  2. The scooters do not fold
  3. The decks are made of the strongest metals and alloys
  4. The wheels are smaller due to speed and maneuverability
  5. There are no extra elements to reduce weight.

Having understood the differences, we turn to the main question: how to choose the first stunt scooter?

1. Rider's height

Depending on the height, the steering wheel height will be selected, and since it is not adjustable in the stunt scooter, it is very important to choose everything correctly.

With a straight back, standing on a scooter, hands should be slightly bent. If the back is straight and outstretched arms hold the steering wheel - this option is also acceptable. But later, as the rider will be growing up, the steering wheel will need to be changed to a more suitable one, otherwise the load on the back will be increased significantly.


On the page of each stunt scooter there is a button:

By clicking on it, you will see a table with recommendations of height of the rider and the appropriate height of the scooter. In the table, the height of the scooter is the height of the handlebar + 25 cm distance from the floor.

2. Riding style.

There are two riding styles - park and street. The scooter must be chosen depending on the style in which you want to ride.

Flyby Pro Street Complete Pro Scooter

Street - involves sliding and performing difficult tricks on various surfaces - stairs, roads, curbs, even railings. If the main raiding style will be street riding, gliding over curbs, etc., it is better to choose a heavier scooter and a deck with a thicker layer of metal. Because of frequent riding and gliding, it is the part that grinds the fastest.

Park - park riding style with various tricks in a special area, skatepark, on ramp. If you want to perform tricks in a skatepark, the weight of the scooter will play a key role: the lighter it is, the easier it is to jump.

Flyby Pro Complete Pro Scooter
We invite you to watch our video (in Latvian), which tells the whole difference between a street and park scooter. Watch the video

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For those riders who have not decided on a riding style or want to combine them, there are universal scooters suitable for both styles.

3. Price

The cost will vary depending on what quality of the parts a particular model is assembled from:
  • wheels: plastic (suitable for the very first jumps and stunts), aluminum (more durable and faster)
  • steering system: standard, closed (more protected from sand, water, etc.)
  • fork strength: the higher the steering wheel and the more exquisite the tricks, the greater should be the strength of the fork.

Our budget recommendations for stunt scooters depending on the level of riding:

The first scooter for a smaller child: €80 - 130
Amateur rider, but with some knowledge and practice: €120 - 180
An experienced rider: from €200

The more complex tricks you need to perform, the more reliable all parts must be. In the case of stunt scooters, the price is determined by the quality, longevity and, most importantly, the safety.

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Choose the right scooter and let riding bring only pleasure!