A city scooter is a good thing to make you feel fantastic. Save your time, get positive emotions and be in the open air more often. Rideoo have some tips that will help you to overcome the routine of everyday commuting. It is to have a joyride. In this post we are going to tell you how to pick an optimal variant of your scooter for getting the best feelings from it. Let’s go!

Internet is full of options. But don’t hurry to buy the most popular models. After all, they may be inappropriate for you. There is Rideoo guide on how to choose the city scooter that will be the best for you. Before choosing the first scooter, ask yourself: “What is the type of your way?”, “What for do you need the city scooter?, “Which brand are you interested in?”

Top tips by Rideoo:

  • If you are going to ride good asphalt roadways, cycle tracks and sidewalks, a city scooter with solid polyurethane wheels will be good choice of yours.
  • For the rides on country roads, it is better to choose a scooter with inflatable or tubeless rubber wheels.
  • It is better to buy an electric scooter to overcome long distances.
  • If you need to get to work directly, choose a scooter with large wheels and a wide platform.
  • If you want to carry over your city scooter in public transport or in a car, pay attention to lightweight, compact folding city scooters with small or medium-sized wheels.
  • If you choose the city scooter for your kid, then prefer the city scooter with small wheels.
  • You need city scooter only for fun? Than pay your attention to interesting, bright models, that will impress your friends. It is important as well whether you ride in a city or in a country.

Top scooters brands by Rideoo:

Perhaps you didn’t know, but there are less famous brands and models of city scooters which are of high-quality.

  • SHULZ — High quality, for fairly price. Great choice!
  • Micro — excellent choice! This brand justifiably has the perfect reputation. It can offer expensive and good quality models.
  • Razor — you probably have heard about this brand. Razor is a popular city scooter, but we don’t consider it as the best one. If you are prone to this brand, pay your attention to Razor A6 model.
  • Globber — a private label of Kleefer city scooters in France.
  • Kleefer — a little plainer than SHULZ. You should pay your attention to the latest models. 
  • Yedoo — a high-quality city scooter with big wheels, but it is not foldable and quite heavy.